what is the role of a roofer

The role of a Roofer

A roofer is a professional who is specialised in the construction of roofs. A roofers job is to monitor the whole process of roofing in both commercial and residential properties. It is important that a roofer first analyses the construction plans and then makes sure that all the roofing is done in accordance to the design plan.

A roofer is also in charge of any materials, accessories to support the roofing and substrates that are to be used in any roofing installations. Most of what goes into the installation and process of roofing is handled by a professional roofer which includes any trusses, beams and rafters that roofs are installed upon.

What does a roofer actually do?

Roofers jobs include anything from roof repairs, renovations to brand new installations. As a roofers job is to work on top of roofs, their work can be very dangerous and should always be carried out by someone who is fully qualified and highly skilled. To be a professional roofer, you can’t be scared of heights as your whole job is revolved around being high up and having a good balance.

A roofers work is carried out on both new and existing roofs, installing materials, repairing materials and renovating roofs too. Often, a roofer will be asked to replace old materials with new materials in order to restructure a house and make it more solid.

What materials do roofers work with?

A roofer will work with all kinds of materials, some of those being, polymer, rubber, metal, tiles and even asbestos. All of these material have different ways of application and are used in both industrial sectors and domestic sectors.

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