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Favourite kitchen ideas

Welcome to my fifth blog post! As I am currently having my kitchen completely revamped, in this blog post, I wanted to share with you some exciting different kitchen designs that have come to light in 2016. Throughout this blog, I will share with you all of the most popular designs for your kitchen and the different colours that will really make your kitchen stand out.

I have listed 3 of my favourite kitchen designs I looked at and the most popular designs in 2016.



  • 80s Glamour design – As you may have noticed, the 80s style is definitely back! With glamorous flapper dresses and head accessories trending in the fashion world, it is also trending massively in the decor world too!

    With high gloss surfaces, brass being used for kitchen accessories and mirrored backsplashes making a comeback, the 80s is definitely an old design coming back to the fashion limelight. With all of the 80s design being an elegant, modern and sophisticated finish, it can bring any home to life.
  • Soft, gentle colours – Over the recent years, the type of colours in kitchens has changed dramatically. Over the past couple of years, the popular designs have gone from bright colours to dark colours and in 2016, they have started to become more muted.

    With pastel colours, such as, pale blue or pale pink coming back onto people’s wish lists, the standard kitchen colour white is being completely taken over!
  • LED lights all round – LED lights are really taking the kitchen designs by storm! People love the idea of having well-lit glass cabinets and LED lights underneath the worktops to give off that extra elegant, glamorous feel to your kitchen.

    One of the most popular kitchen designs has started to contain LED strip lights above the cabinets, under counters, inside cabinets and also underneath cabinets. This design became popular as it came to light (excuse the pun) that the kitchen started to offer better mood-settings and gave off a more homely, fashionista kind of feel.


They are Jordan UK’s top three favourite kitchen ideas for 2016, happy kitchen designing!


Jordan x

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