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Top trends for this Autumn

Welcome to my first blog ladies! I have been doing a lot of research about all the different types of fashion that is looking to be trending for Autumn this year! And i must say, the fashion industry has really done it this year! From fur to ruffles, you name it, the Autumn fashion has it coming your way and I am so excited to share with you some of my findings!

  1. Lots and lots of fur – Fur has been a big fashionable item of clothing for a long, long time now but it’s what fashion designers have done with it this year. Fashionistas have taken fur to a whole new level by not only using it to make a statement to your outfit, but with an added splash of colour, patterns and shapes, the fashion industry have made fur more exciting for buyers for Autumn 2016.
  2. Metallic GOLD – This Autumn, the metallic look is definitely coming out to play! For years, metallic outfits have been deemed more for elder fashion and more of a costume type of trend. But this year, it has really become a fashion must have! With beautiful gold shimmering tops to gold metallic jeans, your wardrobe will never be the same again!
  3. Tan, tan and more tan – More neutral, warm colours are in this Autumn and wow, clothes have never looked so stunning! The colour tan is used in clothes as it matches any skin type! Whether you have a light complexion or a darker complexion, tan seems to suit all and not to mention, tan goes with every colour you can think of, bonus!

So there you have it, they are my top three must haves for this Autumn 2016 ladies! Go and by those beautiful outfits and start trending your own styles!
Jordan x

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