A Complete Guide to Install a UPVC Window

Installing the UPVC door and windows at the exterior of your house serves you many benefits. With having adequate knowledge and experience about the tools and installation process, you can fit a UPVC window at your home by yourself. Follow this step by step guide to install a UPVC window.

Materials Required

  • Gloves and Goggles
  • Tape Measure
  • Light Hammer
  • Masonry Chisel
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Spirit Level
  • Hand Drill
  • Hammer Drill
  • Crosscut Saw
  • Plastic bin
  • Drill bits
  • 8mm Masonry Drill
  • 5mm Clearance
  • Skeleton gun (mastic application)
  • Spatula
  • 3mm Pilot drill
  • 8mm HSS drill
  • Tyre Lever – nail bar
  • Pencil

Thing to Know Before you start

  • Check all the specification before starting the installation process (size, style, and handling)
  • Check opening sizes before removing the existing window.
  • The size new UPVC window should be 10mm less both in terms of height and width.

Starting the Process

  • Level the cill with approximately 5mm clearance between the cill and the brickwork by using plastic packers.
  • Using the 8 x 100 mm fixing bolts secure the cill to the brickwork by positioning it approx. 150 mm from each end and at 600 mm centres.
  • Along the back edge of the cill, run a bead of silicon.
  • Secure the end caps into the position by using silicon.
  • Mark the glazing beads after removing them from the window frame to ensure that they can put back in their original position later on.
  • Snug the base of the window against the cill up stand to fit the new window in the position and ensure a tight seal in the bead of silicone.
  • Using the plastic packers, wedge the window into the position.
  • Try not to bend the framework.
  • To enable access to the outer frame jambs, open the vents of the window. Secure the bottom of the window by using the screws.
  • Using 8 x 100 mm fixing bolts, secure the jambs of windows in the brickwork surround.
  • The next step is to close and lock all the opening sashes and that the window is adjusted according to the outer frame.
  • It is important to position 25 x 100 x15 glazing bridges in the frame recess.
  • Place a 28 x 100 x 5 glazing packer on the bottom glazing bridges positioned in the previous step.
  • Put the glass sealed unit in the aperture while keeping it assured that the glass is in the centre when being opened. Do not put undue pressure and rest the glass squarely on the glazing packers.
  • Position 2 mm glass packer using hand pressure to square up where necessary.
  • Open the sashes gently to check whether binding occurs or not within the locking system. You may need to make minor adjustments to get the perfect squareness.
  • Place the glazing beads that you marked earlier into their original position. Top one first, followed by bottom and sides respectively.
  • Gun a bead of silicon between the window frame periphery and outside masonry carefully.
  • Gun a bead of silicon between the window from the periphery and the inside plaster and let it dry for at least an hour.
  • The final step is to remove the protective tape from the frame and clean the surface.

There you go, you have successfully installed a UPVC windows at your home.

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The role of a Roofer

A roofer is a professional who is specialised in the construction of roofs. A roofers job is to monitor the whole process of roofing in both commercial and residential properties. It is important that a roofer first analyses the construction plans and then makes sure that all the roofing is done in accordance to the design plan.

A roofer is also in charge of any materials, accessories to support the roofing and substrates that are to be used in any roofing installations. Most of what goes into the installation and process of roofing is handled by a professional roofer which includes any trusses, beams and rafters that roofs are installed upon.

What does a roofer actually do?

Roofers jobs include anything from roof repairs, renovations to brand new installations. As a roofers job is to work on top of roofs, their work can be very dangerous and should always be carried out by someone who is fully qualified and highly skilled. To be a professional roofer, you can’t be scared of heights as your whole job is revolved around being high up and having a good balance.

A roofers work is carried out on both new and existing roofs, installing materials, repairing materials and renovating roofs too. Often, a roofer will be asked to replace old materials with new materials in order to restructure a house and make it more solid.

What materials do roofers work with?

A roofer will work with all kinds of materials, some of those being, polymer, rubber, metal, tiles and even asbestos. All of these material have different ways of application and are used in both industrial sectors and domestic sectors.

Everything you need right now

The Autumn season is a funny time of year. With the weather still being warm from the Summer but edging towards the winter it starts to rain. With Autumn being in between, it is the time of year where you will find it will rain most days but it will be warm and muggy also.

So… what do you do? I have researched and found all the items of clothing you need to stay cool and dry but also stay in with the fashion!


  1. Get those boots out – For this time of year, the perfect shoes are those that are waterproof yet not covering your legs (this will avoid them getting too hot).

    Perfect fashion item: Hunter ankle rain boots
  2. Moisture resistant shorts – Moisture resistant shorts are perfect for this weather as they are lightweight, water resistant and if you buy the right style, they are very fashionable and in with the trend of 2016!

    Perfect fashion item: Boohoo’s cheap but good quality waterproof shorts
  3. The boys cap – Looking very fashionista but also keeping your head dry is a must! A lot of women think that wearing caps is a male thing but if you wear the cap with the right outfit, the two together can look AMAZING.

    Perfect fashion item: Boss, black and green men’s cap
  4. Those cropped jackets – Cropped jackets are a must have in this weather as they keep you cool but at the same time… they keep you dry! It’s nice to get your tummy out once in a while and with a cropped jacket, you can cover up but have a little flesh showing too, lovely!

    Perfect fashion item: There are so many different cropped jackets out there, but for me, Missguided slay every time.


Hope this helps ladies! Go and slay Autumn with your new clothes!


Jordan x

Favourite kitchen ideas

Welcome to my fifth blog post! As I am currently having my kitchen completely revamped, in this blog post, I wanted to share with you some exciting different kitchen designs that have come to light in 2016. Throughout this blog, I will share with you all of the most popular designs for your kitchen and the different colours that will really make your kitchen stand out.

I have listed 3 of my favourite kitchen designs I looked at and the most popular designs in 2016.



  • 80s Glamour design – As you may have noticed, the 80s style is definitely back! With glamorous flapper dresses and head accessories trending in the fashion world, it is also trending massively in the decor world too!

    With high gloss surfaces, brass being used for kitchen accessories and mirrored backsplashes making a comeback, the 80s is definitely an old design coming back to the fashion limelight. With all of the 80s design being an elegant, modern and sophisticated finish, it can bring any home to life.
  • Soft, gentle colours – Over the recent years, the type of colours in kitchens has changed dramatically. Over the past couple of years, the popular designs have gone from bright colours to dark colours and in 2016, they have started to become more muted.

    With pastel colours, such as, pale blue or pale pink coming back onto people’s wish lists, the standard kitchen colour white is being completely taken over!
  • LED lights all round – LED lights are really taking the kitchen designs by storm! People love the idea of having well-lit glass cabinets and LED lights underneath the worktops to give off that extra elegant, glamorous feel to your kitchen.

    One of the most popular kitchen designs has started to contain LED strip lights above the cabinets, under counters, inside cabinets and also underneath cabinets. This design became popular as it came to light (excuse the pun) that the kitchen started to offer better mood-settings and gave off a more homely, fashionista kind of feel.


They are Jordan UK’s top three favourite kitchen ideas for 2016, happy kitchen designing!


Jordan x

Using Effective Designs to Push Your Website – How to Do It?

As Web 2.0 and beyond is rolling, designs standards are undergoing a lot of change. The design algorithms of search engine giant Google has also changed a lot, which is making designers to think of new strategies to make website and blog layouts better and more in accordance with the latest standards. If you have an online property, such as a blog, website, forum or ecommerce store like –  https://www.bestelectricfireplaces.co.uk/ , the following web design tips will be assistive for you.

Maintain Easy Navigability

The focus of Google in ranking websites still depends a lot on good navigability. Your website layout should be a clear one, and the site should be navigable quite easily. You should keep a neat and easily accessible navigational structure which can accommodate a number of links. Keep only links to the most important sections of the site at the top section.

Ensure Responsive Web Design

The design of your website should also be responsive, scalable and reliable. With more and more digital devices coming to existence, it can be tough to test your site across all types of screens. Luckily, there are online tools like Quirktools and MobileTest on which you can test your site across all types of platforms and screen sizes.

Test the designs often

As your website grows, you need to test and improve it. Test it in most of the top devices and operating systems and find out whether you are missing out on new devices with your web properties. Ensure that the load time is fast and the website displays without any errors on all types of screen resolutions. You can get a good idea about the top devices being used to access your site from your Google Analytics account, and make changes accordingly. If the load time is higher than 5 seconds, reduce the number of scripts, graphics and flash banners to a minimum.

Make strategic use of colors

You should use colors in a strategic manner. Make use of a neutral color palette in order to create a modern, elegant and clean appearance for your website. With small dashes of color on the main graphics and headlines, you can make visitors go to the most vital areas of your web properties. It is also essential to make use of a color palette which can properly complement your logo. It should also have a consistency with the other promotional materials that you are using.

Coat or no coat?

Hey guys! So, here is another blog post about what to wear in this strange weather! With it being warm but rainy at the same time, deciding on whether or not you should wear a coat is a huge decision this time of year!

When you are hot and you want to wear those short shorts and that beautiful colourful crop top but… it’s raining outside, it is so hard as you have to dress appropriately to stop you from getting soaked from head to toe!


Now, an umbrella is a god send and whoever invented them… they’re a legend! But, not everywhere you go is appropriate for an umbrella (like a festival or a market for instance) as you don’t want to be poking people’s eyes out!


So, here are some great items for you to purchase for those days where an umbrella just won’t work!


  1. The see through mac – This is the best fashionable item of clothing for this kind of weather! The designer that designed this mac deserves a medal as every girls’ dream came true the day it came out.

    The see through mac is perfect for those warm days that you want to wear your skimpy outfit showing off your beautiful body but also cover up when it rains! This mac being see through allows everybody to see your gorgeous outfit but keeps you nice and dry and your outfit on point!
  2. The trench coat – The trench coat can be worn and will make any outfit look elegant. When you get caught in the rain, it won’t matter as you will still look glamorous while you’re running to find cover!
  3. Get the anorak out – If you choose the right anorak, it can make your body shape glow! With the anorak having a tight waist band, you can still look fashionable and stylish whilst covered up during the rainy season.

    With the anorak being lightweight too, you won’t get too warm on a hot, rainy day.


So, who cares whether it rains? You have it covered with these three amazing items of clothing!


Jordan x

What do you wear in this weird weather?

When the weather is like this, it can be so hard to find something appropriate, comfortable and something that will still make you look fabulous! Well ladies, I am here to help you out a little and give you just a few items of clothing to help you decide what outfit to wear next!

So, let’s start with your footwear! Deciding what to wear on your feet can sometimes be the hardest decision to make. Deciding whether to wear those beautiful new suede shoes you bought last week or to wear those wellies that you keep in the shed! These are a few things I found that work perfectly on those hot, rainy days!


  1. Short rain wellie boots – These beauties are perfect for this weather as they won’t make your feet and legs too hot as they only just cover your ankles and they come in glittery colours to make them look glamorous!
  2. Jelly shoes – Jelly shoes made a comeback in 2013 and still to this date, they are perfect for rainy weather! When it’s hot, they will keep your feet cool and when it rains, although they won’t keep your feet completely dry, they are so easy to clean and they will not get ruined in this weather!
  3. Boat shoes – Boat shoes are great for this weather as they are waterproof and they also look extremely fashionable. Boat shoes are a posher type of flat shoe and are so comfy and good for your delicate feet. They also do not make your feet hotter as they allow your feet to breathe throughout the day!


Please check out my future blogs for more on what to wear on warm, rainy days in the UK!
Jordan x

Get rid of them clothes girl!

Sometimes, we have clothes that we just can’t let go of or feel too insecure to let them go and try something different. Everybody has experienced it and everybody knows that it’s not always easy getting rid of those clothes that are no longer in any way, shape or form fashionable… yet we still hold onto them.

I have listed below some serious NO’s that need to be taken out of your wardrobe right now and should never be seen again! The items listed below are what I believe (and most of the fashion world believe) will never, ever come back into fashion.



  • Elasticated jeggings – You know those denim leggings called… jeggings? Well, when they started off, they looked more like jeans but were comfier as they felt more like leggings and hugged your beautiful curves but… now, they have become stretchy, unflattering and as they now have an elasticated waist that hugs you so tight it makes your body look oddly shaped, they are definitely a no go.

    They have now become the worst of jeans and the worst of leggings all in one!
  • Low-waist jeans – The super low waist jeans are a thing of the past and should have stayed there! When you are in public and you are pulling up your jeans to ensure everybody around you does not see more than they bargained for is not a very nice habit to get back into.
  • Those comfy clothes – Loungewear is becoming extremely fashionable and is in high demand from every retailer. Most of the loungewear you see today really embraces your figure and although you are in your ‘scruffs’ you still feel and look fashionable.

    But, there are loungewear out there that are from the past and should have never come back into the limelight… those outfits are the ones that make you want to hide if someone knocks the door as they just don’t do anything for your figure and can make you look bigger than you are!


These are just a few of the fashion no no’s of today in my opinion! So what are you waiting for? Go get rid of them and thank me later!

Jordan x

Top trends for this Autumn

Welcome to my first blog ladies! I have been doing a lot of research about all the different types of fashion that is looking to be trending for Autumn this year! And i must say, the fashion industry has really done it this year! From fur to ruffles, you name it, the Autumn fashion has it coming your way and I am so excited to share with you some of my findings!

  1. Lots and lots of fur – Fur has been a big fashionable item of clothing for a long, long time now but it’s what fashion designers have done with it this year. Fashionistas have taken fur to a whole new level by not only using it to make a statement to your outfit, but with an added splash of colour, patterns and shapes, the fashion industry have made fur more exciting for buyers for Autumn 2016.
  2. Metallic GOLD – This Autumn, the metallic look is definitely coming out to play! For years, metallic outfits have been deemed more for elder fashion and more of a costume type of trend. But this year, it has really become a fashion must have! With beautiful gold shimmering tops to gold metallic jeans, your wardrobe will never be the same again!
  3. Tan, tan and more tan – More neutral, warm colours are in this Autumn and wow, clothes have never looked so stunning! The colour tan is used in clothes as it matches any skin type! Whether you have a light complexion or a darker complexion, tan seems to suit all and not to mention, tan goes with every colour you can think of, bonus!

So there you have it, they are my top three must haves for this Autumn 2016 ladies! Go and by those beautiful outfits and start trending your own styles!
Jordan x