Everything you need right now

The Autumn season is a funny time of year. With the weather still being warm from the Summer but edging towards the winter it starts to rain. With Autumn being in between, it is the time of year where you will find it will rain most days but it will be warm and muggy also.

So… what do you do? I have researched and found all the items of clothing you need to stay cool and dry but also stay in with the fashion!


  1. Get those boots out – For this time of year, the perfect shoes are those that are waterproof yet not covering your legs (this will avoid them getting too hot).

    Perfect fashion item: Hunter ankle rain boots
  2. Moisture resistant shorts – Moisture resistant shorts are perfect for this weather as they are lightweight, water resistant and if you buy the right style, they are very fashionable and in with the trend of 2016!

    Perfect fashion item: Boohoo’s cheap but good quality waterproof shorts
  3. The boys cap – Looking very fashionista but also keeping your head dry is a must! A lot of women think that wearing caps is a male thing but if you wear the cap with the right outfit, the two together can look AMAZING.

    Perfect fashion item: Boss, black and green men’s cap
  4. Those cropped jackets – Cropped jackets are a must have in this weather as they keep you cool but at the same time… they keep you dry! It’s nice to get your tummy out once in a while and with a cropped jacket, you can cover up but have a little flesh showing too, lovely!

    Perfect fashion item: There are so many different cropped jackets out there, but for me, Missguided slay every time.


Hope this helps ladies! Go and slay Autumn with your new clothes!


Jordan x