Using Effective Designs to Push Your Website – How to Do It?

As Web 2.0 and beyond is rolling, designs standards are undergoing a lot of change. The design algorithms of search engine giant Google has also changed a lot, which is making designers to think of new strategies to make website and blog layouts better and more in accordance with the latest standards. If you have an online property, such as a blog, website, forum or ecommerce store like – , the following web design tips will be assistive for you.

Maintain Easy Navigability

The focus of Google in ranking websites still depends a lot on good navigability. Your website layout should be a clear one, and the site should be navigable quite easily. You should keep a neat and easily accessible navigational structure which can accommodate a number of links. Keep only links to the most important sections of the site at the top section.

Ensure Responsive Web Design

The design of your website should also be responsive, scalable and reliable. With more and more digital devices coming to existence, it can be tough to test your site across all types of screens. Luckily, there are online tools like Quirktools and MobileTest on which you can test your site across all types of platforms and screen sizes.

Test the designs often

As your website grows, you need to test and improve it. Test it in most of the top devices and operating systems and find out whether you are missing out on new devices with your web properties. Ensure that the load time is fast and the website displays without any errors on all types of screen resolutions. You can get a good idea about the top devices being used to access your site from your Google Analytics account, and make changes accordingly. If the load time is higher than 5 seconds, reduce the number of scripts, graphics and flash banners to a minimum.

Make strategic use of colors

You should use colors in a strategic manner. Make use of a neutral color palette in order to create a modern, elegant and clean appearance for your website. With small dashes of color on the main graphics and headlines, you can make visitors go to the most vital areas of your web properties. It is also essential to make use of a color palette which can properly complement your logo. It should also have a consistency with the other promotional materials that you are using.

Coat or no coat?

Hey guys! So, here is another blog post about what to wear in this strange weather! With it being warm but rainy at the same time, deciding on whether or not you should wear a coat is a huge decision this time of year!

When you are hot and you want to wear those short shorts and that beautiful colourful crop top but… it’s raining outside, it is so hard as you have to dress appropriately to stop you from getting soaked from head to toe!


Now, an umbrella is a god send and whoever invented them… they’re a legend! But, not everywhere you go is appropriate for an umbrella (like a festival or a market for instance) as you don’t want to be poking people’s eyes out!


So, here are some great items for you to purchase for those days where an umbrella just won’t work!


  1. The see through mac – This is the best fashionable item of clothing for this kind of weather! The designer that designed this mac deserves a medal as every girls’ dream came true the day it came out.

    The see through mac is perfect for those warm days that you want to wear your skimpy outfit showing off your beautiful body but also cover up when it rains! This mac being see through allows everybody to see your gorgeous outfit but keeps you nice and dry and your outfit on point!
  2. The trench coat – The trench coat can be worn and will make any outfit look elegant. When you get caught in the rain, it won’t matter as you will still look glamorous while you’re running to find cover!
  3. Get the anorak out – If you choose the right anorak, it can make your body shape glow! With the anorak having a tight waist band, you can still look fashionable and stylish whilst covered up during the rainy season.

    With the anorak being lightweight too, you won’t get too warm on a hot, rainy day.


So, who cares whether it rains? You have it covered with these three amazing items of clothing!


Jordan x