What do you wear in this weird weather?

When the weather is like this, it can be so hard to find something appropriate, comfortable and something that will still make you look fabulous! Well ladies, I am here to help you out a little and give you just a few items of clothing to help you decide what outfit to wear next!

So, let’s start with your footwear! Deciding what to wear on your feet can sometimes be the hardest decision to make. Deciding whether to wear those beautiful new suede shoes you bought last week or to wear those wellies that you keep in the shed! These are a few things I found that work perfectly on those hot, rainy days!


  1. Short rain wellie boots – These beauties are perfect for this weather as they won’t make your feet and legs too hot as they only just cover your ankles and they come in glittery colours to make them look glamorous!
  2. Jelly shoes – Jelly shoes made a comeback in 2013 and still to this date, they are perfect for rainy weather! When it’s hot, they will keep your feet cool and when it rains, although they won’t keep your feet completely dry, they are so easy to clean and they will not get ruined in this weather!
  3. Boat shoes – Boat shoes are great for this weather as they are waterproof and they also look extremely fashionable. Boat shoes are a posher type of flat shoe and are so comfy and good for your delicate feet. They also do not make your feet hotter as they allow your feet to breathe throughout the day!


Please check out my future blogs for more on what to wear on warm, rainy days in the UK!
Jordan x