Get rid of them clothes girl!

Sometimes, we have clothes that we just can’t let go of or feel too insecure to let them go and try something different. Everybody has experienced it and everybody knows that it’s not always easy getting rid of those clothes that are no longer in any way, shape or form fashionable… yet we still hold onto them.

I have listed below some serious NO’s that need to be taken out of your wardrobe right now and should never be seen again! The items listed below are what I believe (and most of the fashion world believe) will never, ever come back into fashion.



  • Elasticated jeggings – You know those denim leggings called… jeggings? Well, when they started off, they looked more like jeans but were comfier as they felt more like leggings and hugged your beautiful curves but… now, they have become stretchy, unflattering and as they now have an elasticated waist that hugs you so tight it makes your body look oddly shaped, they are definitely a no go.

    They have now become the worst of jeans and the worst of leggings all in one!
  • Low-waist jeans – The super low waist jeans are a thing of the past and should have stayed there! When you are in public and you are pulling up your jeans to ensure everybody around you does not see more than they bargained for is not a very nice habit to get back into.
  • Those comfy clothes – Loungewear is becoming extremely fashionable and is in high demand from every retailer. Most of the loungewear you see today really embraces your figure and although you are in your ‘scruffs’ you still feel and look fashionable.

    But, there are loungewear out there that are from the past and should have never come back into the limelight… those outfits are the ones that make you want to hide if someone knocks the door as they just don’t do anything for your figure and can make you look bigger than you are!


These are just a few of the fashion no no’s of today in my opinion! So what are you waiting for? Go get rid of them and thank me later!

Jordan x